​​Tugboat Manny is a former Naval Reservist Striker for General Duty Corpsman via Naval Hospital Jax. He is also a former deckhand on harbor & ocean going tugboats out of New York Harbor.   

He started his Comedy journey with Project9line, all thanks to Brian Cutaia, who taught the very first Project9line Comedy class and brought all of his Veteran students to Tugboat Manny’s open mic that he hosted each week, so the Veterans could practice before their first ever showcase.  It was there that Brian met Tugboat Manny and found out that he was a former Naval Reserve Veteran and although Tugboat didn’t attend the Veteran class, but because Tugboat served, Brian invited Manny to perform on the first ever Project9line Veterans Comedy Showcase on March 28, 2015 and Tugboat Manny will always feel so Lucky, Blessed and Grateful to Brian for that amazing opportunity. 

Tugboat Manny thought it was a one and done, but that wasn’t the case, because a week later Tugboat ran into both Brian and Patrick Donahue of Project9line at the Northport VA and they both told him that after the showcase that people were talking about him and that he was now part of the Project9line Comedy Program, which meant so much to Tugboat, because Tugboat Manny struggles with Mental Health disabilities everyday and Tugboat also advocates for Mental Health, in the Veteran and civilian communities and does so both on and off of stage, by telling clean jokes about his issues. 

​Tugboat also performs regularly with the Veterans Comedy Assault Team, either hosting or closing shows and is so thankful, enjoying every single moment!

Since 2017, Tugboat has been very PROUDLY teaching the Fine Art of Stand- Up Comedy to other fellow Military Veterans.​

You can find out more about Tugboat Manny on his website



tugboat Manny