The Veterans Comedy Assault started as a separate entity from the nonprofit Project9line. Project9line’s mission is to help Veterans reintegrate back to civilian life through the arts. Brian Cutaia, a civilian met Patrick Donohue, the President of Project9line and an Army Veteran. Brian Cutaia has over a decade of standup comedy experience and decided to share his knowledge with Veterans. Thus began, the Project9line Comedy Workshop. He alongside Marine Veteran Comedian, John Consoli began teaching a 10 week workshop to Veterans. The workshop was a huge success, and the graduation shows where the Veterans performed in front of a live audience became one of Project9line’s biggest draws. Throughout a number of years and numerous workshops, many of these Veterans expressed interest in continuing standup comedy. Thus, the Veterans Comedy Assault formed.

The Veterans Comedy Assault consists of Veterans who have graduated from the standup workshop through Project9line alongside other Veteran comics within the local circuit. The Veterans Comedy Assault, a separate entity from Project9line gives Veterans a chance to truly hone their craft and develop an outstanding standup comedy set.

Since the founding of the Veterans Comedy Assault in 2015, our troupe has conquered stages such as Broadway Comedy Club, Theatre 3 in Port Jefferson, NYCB Theatre at Westbury, Comix Mohegan Sun and many more!

The Veterans Comedy Assault is more than just a comedy troupe, it’s a fun filled bunch of wackos whom throughout the years have become a family. Together we spread laughter, raise money for great causes, and share our love of comedy.